Jack Ma: If you’re still poor at 35, you deserve it!

on Saturday, September 20, 2014

    Jack Ma:
     People lose out in life because of these 4 reasons:
    1.Being myopic to opportunity
    2.Looking down on opportunities
    3.Lacking understanding
    4.Failing to act quickly enough
    5.You are poor, because you have no ambition.
    Ambition is living a life of great ideals; a magnificent goal in life that must be realised.
    In this world, there are things that are deemed unfathomable, but there is nothing in this world that cannot be done. The depth of one’s ambition determines the potential of one’ future.

  • You are poor because you do not have the desire to become successful.
  • You are poor because you lack foresight.
  • You are poor because you cannot overcome your cowardice.
  • You are poor because you lack the courage and determination.
  • With ambition you can overcome all inferiority and maximise your potential!
  • With ambition you can persevere, continuously learn new things and strive for perfection.
  • With ambition you can defy all odds, and create miracles when others daren’t.
No matter how poor your family is, do not doubt your own abilities and lose sight of your ambition.
  • When your family deems you worthless, no one will pity you.
  • When your parents do not have money to pay the medical bills, no one will pity you.
  • When you are beaten by your competitors, no one will pity you.
  • When your loved ones abandon you, no one will pity you.
  • When you have not accomplished anything by the time you are 35, no one will pity you.
Go big, or go home. Otherwise, you’re wasting your youth.

Billionaire Jack Ma (AliBaba) teaches you how to be successful in life and business

Billionaire Jack Ma, the founder and ex-CEO of Alibaba Group, as well as one of the most successful Chinese Internet entrepreneurs, shares his wealth of experiences.
Jack Ma: The mistake I regretted the most
In 2001, I made a mistake. I told 18 of my fellow comrades whom embarked on the entrepreneurship journey with me that the highest positions they could go was a managerial role. To fill all our Vice President and Senior Executive positions, we would have to hire from external parties.
Years later, those I hired were gone, but those whom I doubted their abilities became Vice Presidents or Directors.
I believe in two principles: Your attitude is more important than your capabilities. Similarly, your decision is more important than your capabilities!
Jack Ma: You cannot unify everyone’s thoughts, but you can unify everyone through a common goal.
  1. Don’t even trust that you are able to unify what everyone is thinking; it is impossible.
  2. 30% of all people will never believe you. Do not allow your colleagues and employees to work for you. Instead, let them work for a common goal.
  3. It is a lot easier to unite the company under a common goal rather than uniting the company around a particular person.
jack ma alibaba
Jack Ma: What does a leader have that an employee doesn’t?
A leader should never compare his technical skills with his employee’s. Your employee should have superior technical skills than you. If he doesn’t, it means you have hired the wrong person.
What, then, makes the leader stands out?
  1. A leader should be a visionary and have more foresight than an employee.
  2. A leader should have higher grit and tenacity, and be able to endure what the employees can’t.
  3. A leader should have higher endurance and ability to accept and embrace failure.
The quality of a good leader therefore is his vision, tenacity, and his capability.
Jack Ma: Don’t be involved in politics
  1. One should always understand that money and political power can never go hand in hand. Once you are in politics, don’t ever think about money anymore. Once you are running a business, don’t ever think of being involved in politics.
  2. When money meets political power, it is similar to a match meeting an explosive- waiting to go off.
Jack Ma: The 4 main questions the young generation must ponder on
  1. What is failure: Giving up is the greatest failure.
  2. What is resilience: Once you have been through hardships, grievances and disappointments, only then will you understand what is resilience.
  3. What your duties are: To be more diligent, hardworking, and ambitious than others.
  4. Only fools use their mouth to speak. A smart man uses his brain, and a wise man uses his heart.
jack ma serious
Jack Ma: We are born to live and experience life.
I always tell myself that we are born here not to work, but to enjoy life. We are here to make things better for one another, and not to work. If you are spending your whole life working, you will certainly regret it.
No matter how successful you are in your career, you must always remember that we are here to live. If you keep yourself busy working, you will surely regret it.
Jack Ma on competing and competition
  1. Those that compete aggressively with one another are the foolish ones.
  2. If you view everyone as your enemies, everyone around you will be your enemies.
  3. When you are competing with one another, don’t bring hatred along. Hatred will take you down.
  4. Competition is similar to playing a board of chess. If you lose, we can always have another round. Both players should never fight.
  5. A real businessman or entrepreneur has no enemies. Once he understand this, the sky’s the limit.
Jack Ma: Don’t make complaining and whining a habit
If you complain or whine once in a while, it is not a big deal.
However, if it becomes habitual, it will be similar to drinking: the more you drink, the stronger the thirst. On the path to success, you will notice that the successful ones are not whiners, nor do they complain often.
The world will not remember what you say, but it will certainly not forget what you have done.
Jack Ma’s advice to entrepreneurs
  1. The opportunities that everyone cannot see are the real opportunities.
  2. Always let your employees come to work with a smile.
  3. Customers should be number 1, Employees number 2, and then only your Shareholders come at number 3.
  4. Adopt and change before any major trends or changes.
  5. Forget the money; Forget about earning money.
  6. Rather than having small smart tricks to get by, focus on holding on and persevering.
  7. Your attitude determines your altitude.
Jack Ma on entrepreneurship
  1. A great opportunity is often hard to be explained clearly; things that can be explained clearly are often not the best opportunities.
  2. You should find someone who has complementary skills to start a company with. You shouldn’t necessarily look for someone successful. Find the right people, not the best people.
  3. The most unreliable thing in this world is human relationships.
  4. “Free” is the most expensive word.
  5. Today is cruel, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be beautiful.
Jack Ma: The 4 don’ts of entrepreneurship
  1. The scariest things about starting up is the inability to see, to be snobbish, to be unable to understand what is going on, as well as to be unable to keep up with pace.
  2. If you do not know where your competitor is, or overconfident and snobbish about your competitor, or are unable to comprehend how your competitor became a real threat, you will surely fall behind him. Don’t be the “they” in this idiom: First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.
  3. Even if your competitor is still small in size or weak, you should take him seriously and treat him as a giant. Likewise, even if your competitor is massive in size, you shouldn’t regard yourself as a weakling.
Jack Ma on starting your own company
What starting your company means: you will lose your stable income, your right to apply for a leave of absence, and your right to get a bonus.
However, it also means your income will no longer be limited, you will use your time more effectively, and you will no longer need to beg for favours from people anymore.
If you have a different mindset, you will have a different outcome: if you make different choices from your peers, your life will then be different from your peers.
Jack Ma on opportunities
If there are over 90% of the crowd saying “Yes” to approving a proposal, I will surely dispose the proposal into the bin. The reason is simple: if there are so many people who thinks that the proposal is good, surely there will be many people who would have been working on it, and the opportunity no longer belongs to us.

About Jack Ma: Jack Ma is a Chinese Internet entrepreneur. He is the Executive Chairman of Alibaba Group, a family of highly successful Internet-based businesses. He is also the first mainland Chinese entrepreneur to appear on the cover of Forbes Magazine and ranks as one of the world’s billionaires.Ma was named the Financial Times’ 2013 Person of the Year because he personifies the Chinese internet, referring to him as the “godfather of China’s scrappy entrepreneurial spirit.”.


on Sunday, September 14, 2014
Asset ataupon harta terbahagi kepada 1.  Long term asset 2. Short term asset 3. Income generating asset Longterm nih macam rumah...tanah dan sebagainya...perlukan jangka masa yg agak lama untuk jual dan dapat untung... Shortterm asset mac saham , boleh jadi longterm tapi nak maximize untung kena control jual beli dalam masa terdekat untuk keuntungan maxima. Income generating asset ini...maksudnya asset yg boleh generate income sambil kita simpan tanpa perlu jual..contoh keuntungannya adalah dari sewa , pajak dan sebagainya. Hakikat keuntungan adalah pergerakan cashflow kewangan yg kita ada. Duit yg tak bergerak penghujungnya dimakan inflasi sahaja , semakin hari semakin kurang . Dulu cara terbaik untuk lawan inflasi adalah simpan dalam bentuk emas. Namun, harga emas tak menentu simpan bute je rugi bohhh..... kena main arbitrage , perbezaan kenaikan dan penurunan , baru kaya bohhh... hehe

Nak mula berbisnes ? hurm . Apa pilihan yg ada ye

on Wednesday, September 10, 2014

1. Trading barangan = dropship , agent , tokey kedai ,jual baju ke hape , buat kuih, offer service..bla bla...asal jual barang

2. MLM ,.. banyak company bagus kat luar sana....pandai pandai pilih..nanti kita sembang panjang nohhh

3. Scheme .... bersepah....majority money games.... High risk high return beb.... kena pandai pilih ..jangan tengok orang banyak duit...kita pon terjun...memang luncai dengan labunya laaaa....

4. Emas...haa benda ni popular sekarang....meletop....senang2 buat duit...apa pon ada risiko jugak....nanti kita sembang

5. Forex...susah beb...yg cerita senang tu memang kencing je la haha....ada la dengar jugak copytrade la hapa....tapi yg berjaya iaitu 5%  memang kaya gilooo....ikut la korang nak yang mana satu...

6. Affiliate marketing...google ads...nufnang la hapa la bersepah la....asalkan berkaitan dengan internet...

7. Ntah la...ada banyak lagi kot...ni yg ada dlm kepala aku je...

Aku cakap aku pernah berkecimpung dalam semua benda mesti korang ingat aku tipu kn.. haha... serious beb.... semua....nak ubah hidup punya pasal....jatuh bangun...uhhhh...pedih tu hingga menjilat ibu jari kaki...haha... Nanti aku wat comparing bidang2 nih...ikut pengalaman aku la...tak semestinya tepat walaupon betul..... banyak faktor yang korang kena pertimbangkan .... nantilah sembang ye...haha....bukan ape...sampai waktu tido aku dah beb....

Rezeki nih datang dalam banyak cabang...nak kaya ni time rezeki datang...melimpah limpah beb.....cuma pertama jangan terburu - buru.... kejar ilmu dulu beb...tapi jangan lembab sangat....kena cepat beb....dunia tak pernah slow...kalau kita slow...tertinggal jauh beb.....nanti aku bagi tips....as time goes by...hehe

Apa pon meniaga beb...it is about dollar and sen....make sure you make profit .... jangan semangat je lebih beb....ingat

" Semangat tak boleh isi perut lapar.... isi minyak kereta bergerak "

So, nak buat apa pon kena well manage... well plan... nanti kita masuk bab nih.... aku tido dlu haha...